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Dr. Charles Mathies is a US scholar who currently resides in Finland. His main research focus is on International student migration and mobility in Finland and the EU. During the discussion, Dr. Mathies explains why and how Finland makes an effort to retain foreign talents in the country. His level of expertise makes him an ideal personality to discuss what should be changed in the Finnish higher education system and labour market. He also explains how urgent it is for the Finnish systems to deviate from their traditional structures to enable foreign talents to enter the labour market with the necessary skills and competencies.

Cheering the Pride Week in Oulu and our wonderful international community who lives here, we would like to share one more great story of the wise person, LGBTQ+ activist and coordinator at Oulu Pride RY, Kajetan Żelech-Alatarvas.

Photo by Arina Lykova

How to integrate into Finland, help other people, and build a friendship.

A discussion with Julia Hsiao-Pei Liao, the initiator of the #ReformMigri movement.

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Photo by Arina Lykova

The story of Bhavna Rawat, an international talent living in Oulu

Photo by Arina Lykova

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